The Washington University CoursListings system, commonly referred to as WUCRSL, is an automated client/server system enabling academic departments and dean’s offices to create and edit course information. WUCRSL also enables dean’s offices to perform online reviews, edits, and approvals on these same course offerings.

The course information maintained in WUCRSL serves as the source of record for course information in SIS as well as for all university-wide course-based publications:

  • Web-based displays (i.e., Course Listings, school Bulletins)
  • Student course registration and advising tools (i.e., WebSTAC, WebFAC, WebAdvising)
  • Academic planning and assessment tools (i.e., the WebSTAC Registration Worksheet, Plan-IT, WUachieve, Course Evaluations)
  • Learning management systems (i.e., Canvas)
  • The academic classroom booking system (i.e. EMS, CPI)

Other course planning tools and references for WUCRSL users include:

Access is limited to select users and protected by WUSTL Key authentication.